Christmas Light Installation


There comes a time each year, as the nights draw in and the chill air bites a little deeper with each passing morning, that all homeowners begin to think once again about digging out the Christmas lights; a thought usually accompanied by an equal mix of excitement and dread.

We all love to beautify our homes, of course, and many of us love the challenge of competing for the most impressive display on the street (though few would dare admit it), but it’s difficult to argue that a Christmas Light Installation┬áis a tough, time consuming and hazardous job. Nobody relishes the idea of digging through the attic or garage for their supplies, only to find that the strings of Christmas lights they so neatly packed away a year earlier have magically coiled and knotted into a tangled mass.

Don’t Be A Griswold!

But that’s not even the worst part of the job, The worst part isn’t even installing the lights themselves, climbing a rickety ladder in the biting cold, and balancing on slippery rungs to stretch out to eaves that always seem just a few inches too far to reach. After all that, after risking life and limb to attach countless strings of lights to the icy exterior of your home, the worst part of this difficult, dangerous and unpleasant job is plugging in the display to find that a single bulb has blown, and as a result none of the lights will so much as give a momentary festive flicker.

take the hassle out of your christmas light installation


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to beautify your home for the festive season without needing to deal with the hassle and risk of installing your own display? Well, for those living in and around Toronto, Christmas lighting installation no longer needs to be a seasonal hassle. Christmas Lites is a full service Christmas decor provider, and we’re ready and waiting with a range of services to ensure that you never again have to risk a visit to the emergency room just to prepare your home for the Christmas season.

Christmas Lites offers a true end-to-end service, and our Christmas light installation packages have been designed to make your holiday season as stress-free as possible. We’ll take on the job of preparing your home for Christmas, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the season with your friends and family.

These are just a few of the things that make our Christmas Light installation service unique…

Inspired Design

As soon as you request a design consultation we’ll get to work putting together the most professional, eye-catching and incredible display of Christmas lights money can buy. One of our design experts will schedule a convenient time for a home visit to discuss your vision to transform your home into a winter wonderland, and present you with a range of options and ideas to suit your budget, with packages starting from just $999. When you’re happy to proceed we’ll map your property and schedule your installation – all in as little as an hour!

Professional Lights and Decor

Once you’ve settled on a design you love, we’ll take charge and quickly source only the highest quality professional lighting and decor. Our premium LED lighting solutions produce more bang for your buck than traditional incandescent lighting, offering 90% savings in energy efficiency. We use only the best, not only to keep your own energy bills as low as possible but also to ensure that we remain the ‘greenest’ Christmas lights installers in Toronto.

Safe, Secure Installation

Our Christmas lights installation pros are there to save you from the risks of installing your own display, but they’re also there to ensure that your Christmas lights are safely installed without leaving so much as a scratch on your property. Christmas Lites professional installers are fully insured, and only use fittings and equipment that can be removed at the end of the Christmas season without leaving a trace, so you can enjoy the holidays with peace of mind. See our image gallery for examples of our dazzling and professional installations.

Season-long Maintenance

What happens when a bulb blows or inclement weather knocks down a wreath? If you’ve installed your display yourself it means pulling out the ladder, trudging into the snow and fixing the problem, when you’d much prefer to be spending those precious, fleeting hours with family and friends. With a Christmas Light installation you’ll benefit from around the clock maintenance and regular inspections. Our displays are guaranteed to shine bright throughout the season, and should you run into problems we’ll deal with them as part of our hassle free service.

Prompt Removal and Storage

At the end of an enjoyable festive season we’ll return to your home to safely remove your Christmas lighting installation, saving you yet another dangerous and unpleasant task. Once your home has been restored to its original pristine condition your lights and decor can be tagged and safely stored in our warehouse, ready for reuse next year.

Unbeatable Value

With a Christmas Light installation everything we use belongs to you, from the largest wreath to the smallest light bulb, so your investment pays for itself with year after year of warmth and Christmas cheer. We’ll keep your equipment safe and sound, allowing you to free up valuable storage space and rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll never again have to dread the day when the time comes to pull that dog-eared cardboard box from the garage and spend hours untangling endless strings of lights.

No Worries, No Fuss leave your Christmas light installation to us!

As you can see, for your Toronto Christmas light installation you won’t find better than Christmas Lites. With our professional service, dazzling displays and reasonable prices it’s little wonder that 92% of our clients return to us year after year. We don’t just provide a service. We give you the gift of time… time to spend with your friends, family, spouse and children; time to relax and enjoy the holidays, and time to create the cherished memories that will warm your heart through the coldest winter.

Simply book a consultation or call us now at (905) 887-5296 to discuss how we can bring out the best features in your home, and transform it into a warm, welcoming celebration of this most magical of seasons.